Corporate Social Responsibility

At PUC Berhad, we believe in giving back to the communities where we do business. As a company that thrives on the support of the local society and community, PUC recognises the importance of enriching and empowering the communities it serves in order to ensure a sustainable future for both the society and the business.

We aim to build a richer life for everyone through our investment into Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and we want to support the local communities through volunteerism and charitable contributions, staying true to our Motto, “Making people’s lives easier, happier and richer.” By giving back to the society, we also enriched ourselves by enhancing PUC’s brand image in the market while raising our employees’ engagement with the Company. It is a mutually-beneficial relationship.

In 2018, we were able to engage a larger segment of the society and held bigger events to benefit more people after our workforce was enlarged following the investment in 11street Malaysia, which gave us increased resources. We look forward to making more meaningful contributions to the betterment of the communities and a sustainable environment for all in the year ahead.