Presto Universe

Presto is born on 22nd November 2017 and his profession is a Technopreneur. He is always looking out for new trends and technologies to make people’s lives Faster, Cooler, and Richer. Presto means “quick” in Italian.

Today, Presto has become a matured player in the market by providing the services in Digital Payments, E-Commerce, Online-to-Offline (O2O), and Online Entertainment. With the acquisition of a significant stake in one of the largest homegrown E-commerce in Malaysia (rebranded to PrestoMall), Presto is privileged to connect with more than 10 millions of users through Loyalty Program from multiple exclusive and key partnerships while providing channels of products and services redemption.

The continuous growth of Presto in the core digital businesses has driven the brand to another level.

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