RedHot Media Sdn Bhd 

A subsidiary of PUC, RedHot Media specialises in media planning and execution, helping advertisers build their brand and more readily achieve their marketing objectives. RedHot Media works hand-in-hand with traditional media owners including television, radio, newspapers as well as outdoor and indoor mediums. As a result of partnership with Axiata Digital Advertising Sdn Bhd (ada), RedHot Media is the media agency providing traditional media buying and planning services to ada. 

Founder Qube Sdn Bhd 

Founder Qube is a unique outfit that offers end-to-end solutions for marketers. Founder Qube envisions emerging as a premier media aggregator in the industry by creating an omni-channel marketing platform that provides cost-effective advertising solutions for marketers to reach their target audience. As part of Founder Qube’s advertising solution portfolio to support clients’ marketing campaigns in a trendy way, Founder Qube collaborates with Adwhere Limited to exclusively promote its proprietary digital media influencer platform, Cloudbreakr.

Pictureworks Holdings Sdn Bhd 

Pictureworks Holdings Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia in February 2008, and is an associated company of PUC Berhad following its acquisition of 33% equity interest in June 2018. Pictureworks Group of companies are primarily involved in the provision of imagery capture and distribution platforms for theme parks, leisure and entertainment industries as well as licensing for imaging systems. 

Pictureworks Group launched its proprietary imaging technology, PictureAirâ„¢ in 2011, which enables users to view, purchase and share images online and via mobile devices. It currently serves more than 40 theme parks and attractions in 13 countries, and as a result of a partnership with Smart Guide – the largest smart tourism information system provider in China – is poised to reach 200 million visitors annually by 2019. By integrating the existing US-patented TouchClear technology with Facial Recognition technology, PictureAirâ„¢ offers a seamless experience in picture retrieval and easy purchase of photo products or personalised merchandise via WeChat Pay and AliPay in China.